Apologetics Basics

Apologetics BasicsThe four articles below clarify what is Christian apologetics, provide reasons for why we should study it, and give some direction for getting started. Begin with these articles if you are new to the discipline of Christian apologetics.

Lesson 1: What is Christian Apologetics? – Understand what it means to study Christian apologetics.

Lesson 2: What Does the Bible Say about Defending the Faith? – See how the study of apologetics is biblically supported.

Lesson 3: The Benefits of Studying Apologetics – Discover the benefits apologetics brings to ourselves, non-Christians, and the culture in which we live.

Lesson 4: A Basic Introduction to the Types of Apologetics – Get some direction going forward by getting a basic overview of the topics that apologetics covers.

Going Deeper

The following articles go deeper by providing further support for, or answering objections to, the discipline of Christian apologetics.

When People Who Don’t Believe in God Give Intellectual Smokescreens – This article answers the objection that we should ignore intellectual objections given by non-Christians as they are often smokescreens hiding deeper causes of unbelief.

There Is a Difference between Faith and Belief in the Existence of God – This article answers an objection based on the assumption that belief in God’s existence is simply a matter of faith.


Sin as an Archery Term – This article explains the misleading nature of using the archery analogy when characterizing sin to non-Christians.

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