Hello and welcome. My name is Kiefer and I am the sole contributor to Christian Apologetics Training. Below I share my own apologetics story, discuss the mission of this site, and lay out the site’s basic structure.

My Own Journey into Apologetics

AboutShortly after becoming a Christian in my first year of college, I found myself wondering if the faith I had taken on was really a reasonable thing to believe. Sure, I could see the sense of purpose and fulfillment in my Christian friends around me, and I gave my life to Christ because I sought that as well. But I knew that ultimately I could only keep seeking God if I had convincing reason to believe that he exists and had decisively revealed himself in the person of Jesus Christ. After all, what good is a sense of purpose in life if it is built on falsehood?

Thankfully some of the Christian friends that God had given me knew a thing or two about why Christianity is a reasonable faith, and about how we can not only recognize this ourselves but also help others recognize it through the discipline of Christian apologetics.

Through these friends I discovered Lee Strobel’s books The Case for a Creator, The Case for Christ, and The Case for Faith. These great books walked me through the various arguments and evidence for the existence of God and the resurrection of Jesus, while also answering various objections to Christianity like the problem of evil. Not only that, but they also made me familiar with all of the great contemporary Christian thinkers through its clear and readable journalistic style.

After that I started reading numerous books by many of these other Christian apologists, and from there I became devoted to learning all that I could about apologetics. Moreover, I came to see the importance for all Christians to learn how the Christian gospel is reasonable, both to strengthen their own faith and to strengthen their witness to non-Christians around them.

So I spent much of my undergraduate time teaching apologetics to those in my campus ministry. I received my undergraduate degree in philosophy and wrote all of my course papers on some issue relevant for Christian apologetics. I then spent a year working for my local church, producing position papers and blog posts both to clarify our church’s message to those outside of it and to train those within it to reason well about our faith. Now I am finishing up an M.A. in philosophy, where I remain as enthusiastic about Christian apologetics as when I first began six years ago.

The Mission of Christian Apologetics Training

Christian Apologetics Training is designed to be a resource for training Christians to understand and articulate why the Christian faith is reasonable. Whether you are a new Christian like I was six years ago, a lifelong Christian who is new to apologetics, a Christian who is familiar with apologetics but wants to learn more, or even a non-Christian who wants to know why they should consider Christianity, this site has something to offer you. I hope that you find the resources here both accessible and illuminating.

Contact Me

If you have any questions or comments about myself or Christian Apologetics Training, feel free to interact with me in the comment sections in the articles found throughout the site. You can also send me an email at kiefer@christianapologeticstraining.com. I would love to talk with you about any material that you come across here!